Kountry Living Bed and Breakfast encompasses a flexible and varied menu that is sure to fit anyone’s taste. It’s a breakfast not to be missed!

All dishes are made with only the finest ingredients from our local vendors. During off-meal periods, a guest will always have access to our quaint kitchen and its utilities.

Our Menu is basically an all you can eat endeavor feel free to mix and match all of our offerings. We serve breakfast anytime between 7:00AM and 10:00AM and are very sensitive to your schedule. You will be given a copy of our menu upon check in.

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Kountry Living has partnered with Lappy Hen ½ Acre. A small, pasture based farm that is home to a mixed variety of chicken breeds. The fifteen chickens, including one rooster named “Red”, are comfortably housed in an insulated coop and are allowed to forage daily on a ½ acre yard in addition to their regular feed. Happily rooting around, and occasionally feasting on local dairy and left over garden veggies; these chickens have a truly great life. Eggs are collected daily and are delivered to purchasers within 5-7 days of collection.

Happy free-range chickens laying healthy eggs in a variety of colors and sizes… We serve ’em fresh.