Our B&B

Kountry Living Bed & Breakfast

A lay of the land and what to expect and see when you arrive. As my Grandpa would say “the 10 cent tour”. The home was converted to a B&B in 1990. Guests are encouraged to make full use of the Inn during their stay. No areas are off limits or overly “fussy.” We are obsessed with providing a relaxing and comfortable setting for those visiting the area. Think of your experience as “home away from home”. The entire property has a strong free WIFI program,  full cable TV  –  and is 100% Air conditioned.


Dining Room / Breakfast Parlor

Our dining room is where a custom (you pick it) Breakfast is served between 7:30 AM – 10:00 AM.
You will receive a breakfast menu every night during your stay and at check – in.  We will ask for the menu by 7:00PM daily to guarantee a perfect breakfast; thats built and timed for you each morning.


Dining_3   Dining_2   Dining_4

Living / Gathering Room

Lounge around in a room that truly is fitted for comfort and relaxation. Feel free to enjoy the comfy couches and large screen TV.  Its a great place to chat with your friends watch a movie, or better yet a Yankee Game !
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Upstairs Baseball themed Landing

Test your baseball knowledge while visiting the Yankee-themed landing while gazing out at our beautiful gardens. We’ve added a business center for your convenience as well.
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1 of 2 The Upstairs Bathrooms


Upstairs_Bath_1  Upstairs_Bath_2

The Porch

Complete with 1923 Yankee seats and birdhouses galore.


Porch_1  Porch_2  Porch_3  Porch_4  Porch_5

The Grounds

Equipped with Barbecue area free to use.


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Our furry (and not so furry) friends.

The Rabbits live outside in a spacious hutch and welcome visits from guests. The Frogs live in a small pond in the back yard in an area adjacent to our creek. Our cat is super friendly; but is not allowed in guest areas or in rooms. He lives in the owners quarters unless you want to arrange a visit :) 

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